The vehicle service, repair and MOT subscription

How Kugo Subscriptions work

1. Join the Kugo family
2. Book in at a Kugo trusted garage
3. Receive juicy savings

Example Customers


Chef Jeff was quoted £350 for car repairs & a service! Bad timing - he needed that money for fuel to get to a big bbq gig at the weekend. Luckily, chef Jeff is a Kugo member & saved £52.50 off the bill. He made it to the bbq and it’s safe to say he really did ‘cut the mustard’.


£1000 car repair bill with 15% off… That’s just what the Doctor ordered! Daksha may earn well on the wards, but with 4 kids at home, every little helps. - (Please don’t sue us Tesco!) Daksha saved the cost of her Kugo membership 5X over. Go Daksha!


Simon says he’s a bit of a handy man. Simon says he can do most things himself. Simon fixed his own car. Simon says he’s very happy he has Kugo membership after the repairs were a little out of his depth. The savings soothed his ego burn - just a little.